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Gay Reiseveranstalter in Deutschland

Kerle Reisen – Gruppenreisen für Gays

Die Welt hat mehr zu bieten als die klassischen Gay-Reiseziele. Ob als Gay Single, Gay Paar oder mit Gay Freunden: Wir bieten Dir – in Kooperation mit namhaften Reiseveranstaltern – einen erlebnisreichen Urlaub in entspannter Atmosphäre unter Gays. Der Fokus unserer Reisen liegt auf Natur, Wandern, Bewegung, Wellness und dem Eintauchen in fremde Kulturen. Die Reiseziele sind gay-friendly und die Reisezeiten mit Bedacht ausgewählt. Im Preis inklusive sind: Flug, Transfer, Unterbringung im Einzelzimmer, deutschsprachiger Reiseguide und mehr.

Mädels Reisen – Gruppenreisen für Lesben

Die Welt hat mehr zu bieten als die klassischen Gay-Reiseziele. Ob als Gay Single, Gay Paar oder mit Gay Freunden: Wir bieten Dir – in Kooperation mit namhaften Reiseveranstaltern – einen erlebnisreichen Urlaub in entspannter Atmosphäre unter Lesben. Der Fokus unserer Reisen liegt auf Natur, Wandern, Bewegung, Wellness und dem Eintauchen in fremde Kulturen. Die Reiseziele sind gay-friendly und die Reisezeiten mit Bedacht ausgewählt. Im Preis inklusive sind: Flug, Transfer, Unterbringung im Einzelzimmer, deutschsprachiger Reiseguide und mehr.

Reisen für Frauen : Olivia Travel

Olivia Travel is the premiere lesbian travel company providing amazing cruise and resort vacations for lesbians worldwide. We create unforgettable holidays for women from all over the world. Vacation with us and you will never be the same!

New Zealand Awaits 

New Zealand is a fantastic country for LGBTQ people to live, which makes it a great destination for LGBTQ travelers to visit. Lonely Planet rated New Zealand one of the most “inclusive and progressive” gay-friendly travel destinations on the planet in 2015, second only to Denmark. What makes us so gay-friendly?

  • We are a socially progressive country, being the first country in the world to give women the right to vote in 1893.
  • We recently celebrated 30 years since same-sex sexual activity was decriminalized in 1986
  • We were the first country in the world to have an openly transgender mayor, Georgina Beyer, in 1995. In 1999 she became the world’s first transgender member of Parliament, and remained in Parliament until her retirement in 2007.
  • Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity/expression has been illegal since 1993.
  • Our military is independently ranked the most inclusive in the world with LGB members allowed to serve openly since 1993.
  • We’ve had openly gay and lesbian politicians serving since 1993, with Rainbow Labour, a branch of the Labour Party, being formed in 1997 to represent LGBTQ people.
  • We legalized same-sex marriage in 2013.
  • Adoption by same-sex couples has been legal since 2013.
  • New Zealanders can now have a passport in our preferred sex/gender of M (male), F (female) or X (indeterminate/unspecified), without having these details amended on our birth or citizenship record.
  • The first Pride events were held in the 70s and continue today with Pride events in several cities: Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton.
  • In general the majority of New Zealanders don’t give a hoot if you’re LGBTQ or not! We are an open-minded, non-judgmental and forward-thinking society. Political parties operating on socially conservative platforms don’t hold any traction anymore in New Zealand.
  • For most LGBTQ New Zealanders, their social circles are mixed, and they feel very integrated into society. We at New Zealand Awaits are aware that this is a privilege that is not the case everywhere in the world.

You can expect a warm and welcoming atmosphere almost everywhere in New Zealand. Travel with us and we guarantee it!

As a lesbian owned and operated company, we are proud to serve the LGBTQ community. We’ve selectively partnered with high quality local business owners in New Zealand who value working with the LGBTQ community and who provide exceptional lodging, and unique and personalized experiences. When you journey with us, you’ll know you’re supporting business owners who also support our community. Where we can, we stay in LGBTQ owned lodging, and we support LGBT owned businesses as much as possible.

We’re also up to date on gay cafes, restaurants, and bars, so whether you’re travelling independently or on one of our tours, we’ll point you in the right direction to meet some LGBTQ locals.

Gay Reiseveranstalter in Europa

Rainbow Gay Tours

Rainbow Barcelona Tours ist ein kleiner Reiseveranstalter, der in Barcelona und der Umgebung Stadtrundfahrten, Ausflüge und andere touristische Serviceleistungen wie z.B. Shoppingtouren organisiert. Diese werden mit den jeweiligen Kunden einzeln abgestimmt, es gibt keine festen Programme und Abfahrtzeiten, sondern jedes Programm wird für die Kunden einzeln ausgearbeitet. Die lokalen Reiseleiter sind Gays die sich in ihrer Stadt ganz besonders gut auskennen, und gute Tips geben können.

Colorum – Servicios Turisticos LGBT

Spanische Reiseportal für LGBT Reisen.

Jose Luis Martín López

Ibiza Gay Travel

Gay Touroperator, der in Ibiza englischsprachige Touren durchführt:

1. Sailing Adventura 6-7 Stunden

2. Sunset Cruise 3 Stunden

3. Formentera Freedom 7-8 Stunden

4. Charming Beaches 6-7 Stunden

Twizz – Italienischer Gay Touroperator

Chi siamo

Da un’attenta analisi del mercato turistico, i cui dati rivelano che il numero dei viaggiatori GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisex & Trans) è in continua crescita e rappresenta sempre più un’importante percentuale del turismo mondiale, è emerso che in Italia, fino alla nascita di twizz, a questa sempre crescente domanda, non corrispondeva un’offerta di prodotti proporzionalmente adeguata.
Da questa valutazione è nato l’ambizioso progetto di realizzare un nuovo brand che ha l’intenzione di specializzarsi per soddisfare anche le specifiche esigenze di questa clientela.

Lo staff di twizz ha deciso di raccogliere questa difficile sfida dedicandosi, sfruttando la trentennale esperienza di Tau Viaggi, alla ricerca, la selezione, la confezione e la cura di una vasta gamma di prodotti adatti ad ogni budget.
Il vastissimo numero di strutture alberghiere selezionate nel mondo è stato composto tenendo conto dell’utenza a cui twizz intende rivolgersi: da una clientela etero, ad una clientela gayfriendly fino ad una clientela prevalentemente o esclusivamente gay o lesbo.

La selezione delle destinazioni che twizz ha scelto di trattare è stata fortemente influenzata dalle legislazioni vigenti in tutti i Paesi del mondo: twizz non tratterà infatti Paesi che applicando le leggi discriminano la Comunità GLBT.
Per la scelta dell’immagine che rappresenta twizz lo staff ha deciso, in maniera innovativa, di coinvolgere tutta la comunità sia etero che GLBT indicendo una votazione di massa sul web.
Grazie a questa scelta, che ha concesso a tutti l’opportunità di apportare il proprio contributo, si può affermare che twizz è un po’ figlio di tutti.

Quiiky – Italienischer Gay Touroperator

Gay tours through Italy

The Gay Tours are one of the options that Quiiky offers to let its customers enjoy a vacation in Italy. You can book one of the gay tours directly on our website and you can choose among a wide range of tours.
There are shopping tours, adventure travel tours, packages and tours combined, skiing tours, tours going on for several days, golf tours and many more.

Quiiky Tour Operator has reached a large success with its two most original gay tours, the ones following in the footsteps of two of the greatest homosexual artists of the Italian Renaissance: Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci.

Pro Italy – Slow Travel

ROME City Break (3 Days / 2 Nights)

The Emperor’s Eternal City at your feet.
Pomodorino Rome, the “Eternal City” where centuries have passed and left the highest concentration of artistic, historical and architectural masterpieces in the World.

Today Rome is a charming city where every corner shows something different and surprising all around: a memorial column, a triumphal arch or the remains of an ancient temple into the walls of a Renaissance Palace, and all within the context of a large city, modern and unique in itself.
Pro.Italy invites you to discover Rome’s most incredible sights and to experience the authentic roman lifestyle.

Rome Highlights. Get a great walking tour featuring the main sights of the “Eternal City”: Colosseum, Roman Forum, Trevi’s Fountain and the Vatican St. Peter’s Basilica. In addition to the major cultural attractions you can discover the most “unknown side” of Rome.

• Travel Package operated by Insula Gallina Gmbh Tour Operator in Kiel – Germany
• General Terms and Conditions apply to all Pro.Italy travel services are those set by the Insula Gallina GmbH Tour Operator in Kiel (Germany).

Outstanding Travel Israel, Greece & Italy

OUTstanding Travel offers the best in high-quality travel services to the Mediterranean – Israel & Greece – two amazing destinations filled with a rich history and culture, culinary delights, original experiences and settings, and of course a great Gay scene which we are eager to share with you, the Gay community. Our boutique and tailor-made approach will expose you to unique cultural experiences, fabulous beaches, beautiful people and a vibrant nightlife, custom-tailored to your every need. At OUTstanding Travel, we understand the importance of high quality and caring service.

Our undivided attention lavished on every one of our dear guests will allow you to indulge and enjoy in all that these two wonderful destinations have to offer, care-free. Let us pamper, comfort and take care of your every detail, with no request unattended. Our immense knowledge of Gay Israel & Greece and its scene qualifies us to provide the most unforgettable experience, without missing a beat. We ourselves are Gay locals, and who better to ask than the people who live and breathe the action?Is it the electric, one-of-a-kind nightlife you crave? The savoury restaurants you lust over? The trendiest of shopping destinations to peruse, or the historic cultural attractions to absorb? We can provide it all. Our tailor-made, personalized packages present the perfect escape for you, your friends and family, or significant other, while our Group Trips and Daily Tours create dynamic opportunities to foster new friendships and international networks, all whilst having a marvelous time!Absorb the rich history of these fascinating destinations, the sparkling 24/7 Gay scenes of Mykonos and Tel Aviv, magnificent serenity of the Dead Sea, the mesmerizing and picturesque sunsets of Santorini and the exceptional weather in these perfect getaway destinations, OUTstanding Travel offers an unparalleled getaway to Israel & Greece, never before available to the Gay community.Our aim is to create a unique and chic travel agency, for the Gay community, by the Gay community, and we have exceeded expectations at every turn, satisfying thousands of happy people!

Gay Way TLV

Who We Are
We’re a mission-driven gay travel company. We provide our clients experts knowledge and exclusive deals on Tel Aviv & Israel greatest vacations. We only recommend places we’ve been to, loved and would go to again.

We’re here to help
Our team is available by phone or email for any question you may have

GaywayTLV was founded in 2010 in Tel-Aviv, Israel, by a number of business people from the LGBT community.
Our company specializes in developing gay & lesbian vacations and trips, with a strong emphasis on quality and authenticity.All the trav el packages are built by gays and lesbians, who know and understand the best, the most interesting attractions in Tel Aviv and Israel.

The hotels we work with are all either owned by gays, or are super gay friendly and carefully chosen, and only them are offered to the clients.

GaywayTLV works with Eshet incoming (part of Eshet Tours) – Israel’s biggest suppliers, therefore guarantees good prices for great vacations.

Gaywings Cyprus

Gaywings Zypern ist eine neue und innovative Reiseplattform, die sich auf Gay & Lesbian Tourismus in Zypern spezialisiert .Gaywings bietet dir personalisierte Informationen für Ziele in Zypern, wie z.B. die besten Gayfreundlichen Hotels, Gay Bars, Diskotheken, Saunen, Thermen und Strände .

Unsere Erfahrungen aus erster Hand und Insider-Wissen ermöglichen es uns, deinen Urlaub je nach deinen persönlichen Bedürfnissen und Interessen zuzuschneidern. Gaywings möchte vor allem auf einzigartige kulturelle Erfahrungen aufbauen, herrliche Strände, schöne Menschen, und ein pulsierendes Nachtleben zeigen. Es bietet eine Welt die auf dich wartet um sie  zu entdecken.


Hi, my name is Niko Martikas

Inspired by my passions for travel, the outdoors and great gay company, I founded Martikas Ltd to create high-quality, good-value group holidays with a highly personal touch for LGBT people and their friends.

A fully TTA-accredited independent tour operator and ATOL license holder, Martikas takes care of all the practicalities so that our guests receive excellent service at fantastic rates, and organises bespoke, unforgettable social events and activities exclusively for them. That’s how we make sure that our guests get the very best out of stunning destinations in a welcoming, intimate and relaxed atmosphere that sparks lasting friendships.

I hope to personally welcome you at one of our events soon.
Niko x

Escapes By Travel Designers

A south London agency which is setting up its own LGBT brand says it will be one of the first to actively offer gay-friendly holidays in-store.

Balham-based Travel Designers will launch Escapes By Travel Designers next month.

Director Nick Harding‑McKay and colleague James Whitaker- Sheppard will share their personal experiences of LGBT‑friendly destinations and will tailor holidays to suit travellers looking for safe and welcoming environments.

“We understand people from that sector require different things from their holiday and don’t want to be scared asking for a double bed,” Harding-McKay said. “We can highlight areas that are safe to travel to and I can give first-hand experience of suitable destinations.”

Harding-McKay said the brand would target LGBT travellers who had “settled down” and were looking for some luxury, not those who want the “party scene”.

Escapes will work with the agency’s existing operator partners such as Kuoni, Club Med and Classic Collection and will handpick LGBT-friendly holidays. The agency is also in talks with hoteliers and operators to include new product.

The brand will be promoted in the shop window and Whitaker-Sheppard will be the dedicated agent in-store selling the brand.

The agency is also recruiting for a business development manager who will be tasked with marketing Escapes out in the community.

Harding-McKay said: “The days of being a general agent on the high street aren’t looking too good and you have to go out there and look at a niche product to stay relevant.”

He added that the location of Travel Designers was ideally placed to launch Escapes, with offical statistics suggesting the borough of Lambeth, where the agency is based, has one of the largest gay populations in the UK.

Outings & Adventures

It’s a rare known fact:
Gays AND lesbians DO indeed travel together!
O&A Groupie! departures bring together likeminded travelers within the LGBT community and our allies, whom love to hang with US.
Whether it’s a culinary vacations where we gather in the kitchen of a private Italian villa getting hands-on cooking classes or leisurely bike the Pacific Coast and California’s wine country or explore the pristine surroundings of Alaska on a small ship, O&A Groupie! trips create bonds lasting a lifetime through shared unique vacations.
Look for the O&A Groupie! logo for specially designated departures.

World in Color Tours

World IN COLOR tours specializes in escorted gay group tours and gay travel, with an emphasis on Brazil and Cuba. We are a Pompano Beach, Florida- based tour operator whose goal is to give gay travelers the opportunity to experience new destinations in a safe, supportive and fun group atmosphere!

Our featured tours are laid-back, friendly, small gay-group travel arrangements that feel more like exploring the world with lifelong friends than anything else.
Whether traveling single or as a couple, everyone is welcome on our trips!

Out of Office

Out of Office ist ein neuer Reiseveranstalter mit Sitz in London. Man kann auswählen, als schwuler Mann kurztrips wie Städtereisen zu buchen, in EUR , Pound oder USD online bezahlen, bekommt Infos über die Visapflichten, politsche Situation von LGBTI der vom  stammt.

SameSexHolidays UK

Same Sex Holidays has over 12 years experience within the travel industry. We pride ourselves on first class service and being on hand to offer you advice on your bespoke holiday requirements. From holidays to honeymoons we will offer you an unforgettable travel experience with the knowledge to back it up! Our team will handle your enquiry from start to finish and ensure all the stress is taken out of the holiday booking process.

Many of the destinations we feature we have travelled to ourselves so we can offer you a personal opinion on many hotels, airlines, and some of the best things to experience whilst on your holiday. In addition to this we also offer a post booking concierge service to ensure all your travel needs are met, whether it be arranging transport to the airport or arranging a helicopter transfer from the airport to your hotel. Nothing is too much trouble!

Oscar Wilde Tours

Reisen durch die schwule Vergangenheit – englischsprachig z.B. in Dublin – London – Paris !

Bald auch Touren in Italien und New York. Check die Website von für weitere Infos!

Sappho and Socrates, Michelangelo and Shakespeare, Marcel Proust and Oscar Wilde: we all know that many of the great figures in art and literature—as well as in other fields—have loved people of their own sex.
Up until recently, however, gay people curious about the places where this history occurred have had limited opportunity to visit them—but with the launch of Oscar Wilde Tours, that has now changed.
Dedicated to connecting gay people to their own history, Oscar Wilde Tours is a the gay history and art tour company. We offer gay history tours of New York and the Metropolitan Museum, as well as multi-day gay culture itineraries in England, France, Italy, and Greece.

London Gay Tours 

London Gay Tours ist and Schwule und Lesben gerichtet, die in London ein Hotel, Transfers und Ausflüge buchen möchten.

Gay Tours Ibiza

Gay Tours Ibiza ist and Schwule und Lesben gerichtet, die in Ibiza und in Formentera ein Hotel, Transfers und Ausflüge buchen möchten.

Gay Holidays in Bulgaria

Gay Holidays in Bulgaria ist eine Gesellschaft in Sofia, Bulgarien.

Unsere Mitglieder sind in der Entwicklung des Tourismus erfahren und vertraut mit gay Leben in unserem Land. Diese beiden Vorteile ermöglichen es uns, die Möglichkeiten des homosexuellen Tourismus in Bulgarien zu erweitern und unseren Kunden ein unvergessliches Erlebnis anzubieten.

Wir sind Mitglieder der beiden größten Gay Reise Organisationen – IGLTA (International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association) und GETA (Gay European Tourism Association). Unsere Partnerschaften garantieren die höchste Qualität unserer Dienstleistung.

Wir sind auch bestrebt, den Gay Touristen in Bulgarien Informationen zu versorgen, die ihnen dabei helfen werden, ihre Zeit in unserem Land so gut wie möglich zu verbringen. Wenn Sie Hilfe brauchen bei der Organisation Ihres Urlaubs in Bulgarien oder wenn Sie Fragen haben, können Sie uns kontaktieren.

Unsere Ziele sind, Gay Touristen die verborgenen Schönheiten unseres Landes zu zeigen und das Ansehen Bulgariens im Ausland zu verbessern. Wir wollen hier Gay Tourismus entwickeln und beweisen, dass Bulgarien für Angehörige jeder Rasse, Alter oder sexueller Orientierung eine schöne Urlaubsdestination sein kann.

Unsere Pakete sind so konzipiert, dass Reisende ihren Geist erweitern, ihre Seele beleben und neue Energie tanken.

Gay Reiseveranstalter weltweit

Kulanasa Sri Lanka Tours & Travel

Being a Colombo-based business our local knowledge of Sri Lanka is second to none. We offer our clients an exclusive travel experience whilst in Sri Lanka – always with a smile

Experienced Management and a Professional Team
Kulansa is owned and operated by Chaminda Kumara who has a vast experience in the tourism and hospitality industry for over 14 years, both domestically and internationally. He was born and bred in Sri Lanka and speaks fluent Sinhalese and English and has knowledge of other languages. He has travelled extensively over many years throughout Sri Lanka and understands all aspects of this exciting, vibrant destination. He is familiar with the cultural, historical, geographical, sporting, adventure and business aspects of this diverse country

With the support he has from a professional team, Kulansa Tours is perfectly placed to help you design and undertake your dream visit to Sri Lanka
Dedication to Customer Service
• Give visitors to Sri Lanka a unique travel experience, taking them off the normal tourist routes and giving them the highest quality personal service
• Provide visitors with the most comfortable, safe and enjoyable means of travel for their tours in Sri Lanka
• Ensure that our guests have the best accommodation tailored to their budget and personal requirements
• Share with our guests our expertise and provide them with advice and information to enhance their stay in Sri Lanka including the provision of professional guides
• Offer our guests a competitively priced service
• Be welcoming to our guests-always with lots of smiles

Pink Iceland Tours

Pink Iceland is a new breed of travel agency for the 21st Century. We believe in creating unforgettable experiences and lasting memories, we offer a personal service and strive to come up with ideas and itineraries to suit you and your budget. In most cases we’ll match, or beat online prices for accommodation, activities and services, while still offering 24/7 access to a real human being, ready willing and able to assist you with all your travel needs. We are Iceland’s first and foremost gay and lesbian owned and operated, travel and event expert. We specialize in day tours, weddings, international and domestic events and festivals as well as organizing tailor-made luxury travel. We love all and serve all, as long they’re not mean. Just don’t be mean, life’s too short.

Planet Dwellers Australia

We are Australia’s largest tour operator for the Gay and Lesbian traveller and friends. We are proud to offer a diverse range of worry-free escorted tours to some of Australia’s most famous and beautiful places.

From bustling Bondi Beach to the magical serenity of the the Blue Mountains, from the heights of Uluru to to the depths of the Great Barrier Reef, we have carefully planned tour packages that are right for you.

If a more personal one-on-one escorted tour is what you are after, we would love the chance to put together the perfect itinerary just for you, even with a guide speaking your language.

We are experts in travel with plenty of travel experience and offer a comprehensive range of travel options to give you a memorable taste of our Australian paradise, as well as organise all your travel needs the Planetdwellers way.

Whether you’re a single traveller, a couple, a family, or a group, get in touch with us!

Gay Travel Costa Rica

Costa Rica Gay Traveler is gay friendly & gay owned company that offers LGBT travelers, their family and friends a unique travel experience by recognizing and understanding the distinctive requirements of the LGBT traveler.

We specialize in exclusive, tailor-made tours for individual gay travelers and small groups. We’re very passionate about what we do; we pride ourselves in providing unique experiences, renowned service and attention to every detail.

Why booking with us?

First-hand advice from your personal travel consultant
Recommendation on where and where not to travel in Costa Rica as a gay traveler
Tailored-made itineraries
No surcharge on credit card payments
High quality tours, accommodations, transportation and services
We offer tailored tour packages, taking into account your expectations wishes, needs and of course your traveling budget.



SeyGay is a project of Side By Side Holidays Seychelles’ very first, 100% Seychellois-owned, online travel agency. Founded in 2014 by a group of travel managers with decades of world-wide experience in the tourism industry, ranging from corporate travel to tour operating and boutique hotel management, Side By Side Holidays focuses on the incredible islands of Seychelles, other hidden gems in the Indian Ocean and astounding Africa. Side by Side Holidays’s passionate team of international experts is at your service to open new doors of discovery for your next vacation – every step of the way.
Based in the Seychelles we specialize in this varied and exciting Geographic area, namely: Seychelles, India, Maldives, Mauritius, Tanzania, Mozambique, Sri Lanka and South Africa. The LGBT scene in the Indian Ocean is developing now more than ever before, also thanks to our intervention and presence resulting in an increasing number of LGBT clients are discovering these beautiful places in tranquility and confidence.

It is nevertheless important to bear in mind that we are not a dating agency and thus our role consists solely in creating a selection of charming, characteristic and/or picturesque LGBT-owned facilities or gay/straight friendly ones and propose them to our community. Our priorities are the safety of our clients, the quality of services offered and increasing the numbers of LGBT persons visiting and enjoying these incredible destinations.

In those countries where sadly homosexuality is still considered a crime, we have hand-picked those facilities that very willingly accept LGBT people among their customers and who hire staff from the LGBT community. This can ensure a safe holiday in incredibly beautiful places as well as positively contributing in the development of the local LGBT community. This is one of our fundamental principles, even personally applied, in all destinations in which we operate.

Gay Touroperators in den USA & Kanada

Zoom Vacations                              

Zoom Vacations ist ein nordamerikanischer Gay Reiseveranstalter, der weltweit Gay Touren im oberen Preissegment durchführt. Die Gruppenreisen werden mit größter Sorgfalt geplant, sei es die Auswahl Hotels, der Mahlzeiten und der Exkursionen, und es wird grossen Wert darauf gelegt, dass immer spezielle Erfahrungen Teil der Tour sind, sei es ein Abendessen im Haus eines berühmten brasilianischen Chefs, der Segen eines Inka Priesters in einem Tempel von Macchu Picchu oder eine private afrikanische Party am Ufer des Sambesi Rivers. ACHTUNG: Preise der Touren sind in US$ , der Buchungsprozess in englischer Sprache und sehr wahrscheinlich werden die meisten Teilnehmer auch nur englisch sprechen.

HE Travel / Alyson Adventures Inc.        

HE Travel ist ein nordamerikanischer Gay Reiseveranstalter, der sich darauf speziaisiert hat, Gay Abentteuer-  Reisen zu organisieren. Jede Reise ist auf einer 5 teiigen Skala eingestuft, welche körperlichen Konstitution notwendig ist, um sie mitzumachen. Es werden Reisen in Europa, Australien, Neuseeland, Antarktik, Südamerika und vielen anderen Destinationen durchgeführt. ACHTUNG: Preise der Touren sind in US$ , der Buchungsprozess in englischer Sprache und sehr wahrscheinlich werden die meisten Teilnehmer auch nur englisch sprechen.


DETOURS Gay Adventure travel ist ein kanadischer Gay Reiseveranstalter, der vor allem Griechenland, Costa Rica und Thailand im Programm hat. Man will sich von der üblichen Gruppenreise absetzen, und den Teilnehmern mehr FReiheit bei der Auswahl des Programms lassen; der Reiseablauf soll flexibel gestaltet werden. Garantierte Durchführung ab 4 Personen! ACHTUNG: Preise der Touren sind in US$ , der Buchungsprozess in englischer Sprache und sehr wahrscheinlich werden die meisten Teilnehmer auch nur englisch sprechen.

Brand G

Founded in 2011 as “the next generation in gay travel,” Brand g Vacations aims to serve the growing numbers of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgender (LGBT) travelers, along with straight allies, who enjoy innovative escorted vacations to international spots.

From the ships we charter to the wide variety of destinations we include in our travel programs, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re traveling with a partner or interested in making new friends, we have several trips throughout the year that provide excellent opportunities to explore the world with others that share similar values.

Our goal is simple. Offer unique, compelling and lesser traveled corners of the globe to our guests. We have a real passion for LGBT group travel and especially for more intimate and meaningful trips that Brand g is best known for. We always aim for exotic bucket list destinations along with some of the tried and true more popular spots. What really makes us special is our emphasis on unique destinations and smaller ships, which translates to more intimate personal experiences for our travelers.

Brand g Tenets

To be primarily for gays and lesbians – but clearly welcome our friends and families.
To be price competitive while offering plenty of comfort.
To design innovative vacations that combine the interests of lgbt travelers and the offerings of destinations that want them.
To simply use the power of travel to make the world a better place.

Zenith Travel Ecuador

Zenith Travel Ecuador 

Zenith Travel hat über 15 Jahre Erfahrung bei der Durchführung von Ecuador, Galapagos und Peru Reisen. Zenith Travel führt mehrmals im Jahr Reisen ausschliesslich für Gays & Lesbians durch. Die Touren für 2019 findet ihr auf der eigens für Ecudaor Gay Travel eingerichteten Seite :

Reisebewertungen von Zenith Travel auf TripAdvisor lesen:  

Brazil Ecojourneys

Brazil Ecojourneys ist ein gay owned touroperator aus Florianapolis, der auch ab und zu Touren für LGBT anbietet. Genaue Infos dazu findet ihr auf deren Blog unter 

Die Termine für 2019 :

Pink Elephant Safaris Südafrika

Pink Elephant Safarias Südafrika wird organisiert und abgewickelt durch die ITR Reisen GmbH aus Essen. Für die Buchung und Abwicklung der in Südafrika, Namibia und Botswana stattfindenden Gay Reisen ist der Reiseveranstalter “Afrika und mehr…” aus Hannover zuständig.
Pink Elefant Safaris zeichnet sich aus durch Individualität, Kreativität und persönlicher Service bei der Organisation von Gay Reisen und vermittelt zuverlässige, gay friendly und szenekundige Partner vor Ort. Ausgeprägt durch persönliche Reiseerfahrungen aus mehr als 30 Reisen durch das südliche Afrika und private Kontakte zu den meisten Gay Hotels, Lodges und B&B´s ist der Veranstalter ein kompetenter Partner.

Sikeleli Afrika Safaris

LGBTQ Travel – Safari Pride

The dream of southern Africa beckons like a sandy beach; like a cosy fire, a gurgling jacuzzi or a magical sunset and now you’re one step closer to reality. Sikeleli Africa Safaris is an agency specialising in luxury gay travel throughout sub-Saharan Africa. We work with individuals, couples, families and small groups. With years of experience and intimate knowledge of the region, our team of travel experts is ready to tailor-make the African holiday of your dreams!

Gatatu Safaris Uganda/Ruanda

We are a privately owned Ugandan/Rwandan based safari tour company that uses expert local knowledge of the vast terrain, coupled with friendly local tour guides to offer you a tailor made, unforgettable safari experience. Enjoy the beautiful, unspoilt land, abundant wildlife and picturesque national parks, lakes and hills that Africa has to offer. Whether its Gorilla Trekking, Bird Watching, Canoe Trekking or Game Driving to name but a few, we have something to offer everyone.

LoLei Travel

Gay Reisen sind relativ neu in der Region, obwohl Thailand bereits seit längerer Zeit eine grosse Anzahl an Gay Reisen erlebt. Für Lolei Reisen sind Gay Reisen nichts neues. Wir haben ein Verständnis für die Anforderungen und Wünsche von homosexuellen Paaren und bieten etwas für jeden Bedarf. Wir bieten homosexuellen Reisenden die Intimität und Exklusivität, welche oft auf anderen Touren fehlt. In einer Region, in der öffentlichen Zuneigung zwischen heterosexuellen Partnern kaum akzeptiert ist, scheint das ausdrücken von Zuneigung zwischen homosexuell Partnern in der Öffentlichkeit undenkbar. Bei Lolei Reisen verstehen wir, dass dies zu Frustration unter homosexuellen Paaren führen kann. Und deshalb haben wir neue Programme entworfen, welche abseits der Touristenpfade führen und homosexuellen Paaren die Möglichkeiten geben, die Schönheit unserer Region gemeinsam und ungestört zu geniessen.

Im Laufe der Jahre haben wir eine Beziehung mit unseren Partnern aufgebaut, welche in der Tourismusbranche als „Gay friendly“ gelten. Diese Beziehungen pflegen wir stets und bauen diese weiter aus. Wo einige Länder in Südostasien der Idee eines zusammen reisenden homosexuellen Paares immer noch konservativ gegenüber stehen, sind Kambodscha und Thailand sehr offen dazu eingestellt. Laos ist ein neues Ziel und ein Ort, wo viele homosexuelle Paare „Gay friendly“ Hotels, Restaurants, Bars etc. eröffnet haben. In Vietnam, vor allem im südlichen Teil, ist die Szene richtiggehend explodiert. Der Norden war schon immer konservativer, aber auch dort haben in der letzten Zeit immer mehr homosexuell orientierte Unternehmen eröffnet. Wie überall zahlt es sich aus, viel in die Erforschung von Möglichkeiten zu investieren. Auch um herauszufinden, wie die asiatische Gemeinschaft auf reisende, homosexuelle Paare anspricht.

Winter Ski Veranstalter / Events

Pink Alpine Tours               

Pink Alpine Tours  ist der bedeutenste schweizer Gay-OUtdoor Veranstalter. Sowohl für Einsteiger als auch für erfahrene Sportler organisieren sie alles von A – Z für sichere und sorgenlosen Reisen in die Berge.

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